FunGolf GPS - Data Privacy Notice

Updated on 07/25/2017

The following data protection notice explains how your data will be collected and processed when using FunGolf GPS.

1. Data Security

In order to protect the safety of your data during transfer between the application and our servers, we use an encryption method for the app that corresponds to the current State of the Art. On your device, your data is encrypted by the operating system while your device is locked.
Access to our servers is monitored and restricted to authorized personnel only.

2. App Permissions

We will ask the following authorizations from you in order for you to be able to use the FunGolf GPS service. All data that we have access to as part of the authorisations will only be used for the purposes described in this data protection notice. We will not collect any data that we do not genuinely need for the purposes described.

2.1. Location

We need information on your location in order to be able to show you nearby golf courses. If you have started a golf round in the app, and if you are close enough to the golf course of this round, we will continuously monitor your location in order to show you the distance to the green and nearby hazards, as well as to prepare a round recap.
You can end this any time by using the « End Round » function.
Location data may be uploaded to our servers in an anonymised way in order to perform stats computations and improve our service.
FunGolf GPS can use your location only if you allowed it explicitely. You can revoke this permission at any time in the Settings app. If you do so, FunGolf GPS will not be able to give you the nearby courses and distance to the green and hazards.

2.2. Push Notifications

If you allow us to send you push notifications, we will be able to notify you when golf courses are updated. Other messages regarding updates or status of the FunGolf GPS may be sent to you.
We will only send you Push Notifications if you have explicitely allowed us to do so. You can revoke this permission at any time by using the « Settings » app.

2.3. Fitness & motion activity

Some features like shot tracking may require the permission to record your motion activity. FunGolf GPS can use your motion activity only if you allowed it explicitely. You can revoke this permission at any time in the Settings app. If you do so, FunGolf GPS may not be able to perform certain features related to shot tracking.

2.4. Camera and Photo Library

If you allow access to the camera, FunGolf GPS can use it to:

No image will be taken without a clear user interaction showing that it will use the camera.
You can revoke the permission to use the camera at any time in the Settings app.

2.5. Health Data

FunGolf GPS does not store health data and never uploads any health data to its servers. On iOS device, If you give access to the FunGolf GPS application to access the Health data stored on your device, it may display the following information in the Stats screens:

Si vous autorisez FunGolf GPS à stocker des données dans l’application Santé, nous pourrons exporter les parties de Golf en tant qu’Exercice, avec le nombre de trous joués, le nom du parcours, les date et heure de début et de fin la partie.
If you allow FunGolf GPS to store data in the Health app on your device, it may export Golf Rounds as « workouts » in the Health app.

3. Data collection when creating a FunGolf GPS account

If you create your FunGolf GPS account, we will ask you for the following data: a valid email address, and a password that you create yourself.
Once your account has been created, or the email address associated with your account has been changed, you may receive an e-mail from us at the e-mail address you provided. This e-mail will contain a link that you need to click so we can verify your email address.
Usage of some features (like booking a tee time) may also ask for your phone number, birth date, credit card informations (number, expiration date, verification code, and the card owner's name). The credit card informations never reach our servers.
You can use FunGolf GPS without creating an account, but you won’t be able to save and retrieve your rounds history and related data from our servers.

4. Data collection while using the FunGolf GPS app

4.1. Golf-related data

We store the following information on our servers if you enter them in the app:

Those data are stored on our servers so you can retrieve them later or dislay them on our web site. We reserve the right to use this data in an anonymied way to compute statistics or train machine-learning models.

4.2 Other Data

Other data stored or processed are subject to user approval, and are listed in “2. App Permissions

5. Contact for communication

5.1. Push Notifications

Push notifications allow us to inform you in the quickest ways possible about relevant events concerning FunGolf GPS or the courses you play.
You must opt-in to activate push notifications, and can deactivate Push Notifications at any time in the Settings application (Settings > Notifications > FunGolf GPS > Allow Notifications).

5.2. email

If you have opted-in for the Newsletter service when creating your account, we can use your name and email to send you some newsletter at regular interval.
You can opt out of our newsletter service at any time on out website at by logging-in and going to « Edit my account information »
Regardless of this setting, we can also send you acknowledgement emails in response to:

6. Data accessible to third-parties

6.1 Crashlytics & Fabric

We use Crashlytics and Fabric by Google to improve the quality of FunGolf GPS. We send information regarding general app usage and detection of crashes and errors during the execution of FunGolf GPS : information are : identifiers of courses being played, error codes, stack trace in case of a crash, or event codes.
User identifiers are not transmitted as-is to Crashlytics & Fabric : we use asymetric cryptography to send a hash of the user identifier. No other personal data (like name, email address) are sent.
Contact details: &

6.2 Batch

We use Batch to send push notifications. We send the following information to Batch:

* We use asymetric cryptography to send a hash of the identifiers instead of the identifiers themselves.

6.3 Other Third-parties

Aside from the service providers listed above, we have involved processors for the following activities:

Your data will only be forwarded to third parties as long as this is permissible or mandatory according to the EU's General Data Protection Law.

7. Duration of storage

The practice of golf usually spans multiple years, so we will store your data as long as you have not asked us to delete your account from our server. If you would like to remove your data from our server, please see « 8. Obtaining, correcting and deleting personal data »

8. Obtaining, correcting and deleting personal data

You have the right to obtain information about your personal data that we have stored about you in a structured, machine-readable format.
To do so, please send us an e-mail to
If some data we have stored is irrelevant, you have the right to correct it, either by using the app or web site. If the info you want to correct is not editable in the app or web server, please send an email to
Furthermore, if you don't want us to store your data anymore, you can ask us to anonymize all personal data we have stored about you by sending an email to
In any case, please allow up to 30 days of processing for your queries.

9. Changes in this privacy notice

We reserve the right to change or update parts of this data protection notice that do not require agreement so that they always comply to the current legal requirements.
Should any introduced change require your approval, we will inform you and request your approval to maintain access to our services.

10. Responsibility for data protection

LThe entity responsible for the data collection and data processing in FunGolf GPS is: GolfCoders SAS, a company registered in France. Contact:
GolfCoders SAS may share legal responsibility for some of the data processing listed in this notice with some third-parties. Therefore, you may also exercise some rights directly with the respective third-parties. (Please refer to Data accessible to third-parties)

FunGolf GPS - Notice regarding in-app purchases

Certain features of FunGolf GPS are available only to users having an active subsciption, available as an auto-renewable in-app purchase: