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What is FunGolf GPS ?
FunGolf GPS is a Golf GPS application. Used by over 1 million golfers worldwide, it tracks your position on a course, show the yardages to the green and hazards, recommends which club to use, keeps track of your shots, and compute statistics.
Is my phone compatible with FunGolf GPS?
FunGolf GPS requires iOS11 or better, and is compatible with all iPhone starting with iPhone 5s : iPhone 5S, SE, 6, 7, 8 et X
Is my tablet compatible with FunGolf GPS?
FunGolf GPS is compatible with every iiPad Air, iPad mini 2, 3 et 4, iPad Pro et iPad 5e gen. However, only 3G or 4G iPads have a built-in GPS chip and can deliver an accurate distance on the golf course.
Is FunGolf GPS available on Android?
FunGolf GPS is for available on iOS only. (iPhone & iPad)
Is FunGolf GPS compatible with Apple Watch?
FunGolf GPS is compatible on Apple Watch. It will display a nice map of the green, distance to the green (center, front, back), hazards, let you keep your score and putts for up to 4 players, track shots. It is synced with your iPhone, so you can review your round recap on the bigger screen of your iPhone after playing.


How many golf courses are available?
We have over 36036 golf courses available worldwide. The course list is available here.
I cannot find my golf course. What can I do?
Please go to menu > courses > then Search. Enter the most significant part of the name your golf course. If you still cannot find it, please tap the link “Add a course”.
What is the fastest way to add a course?
Please tap the “Add a course” link after an unsuccessful search, and send us a picture of the scorecard and course layout.
Is it possible to have a distance to the pin, not the green center?
Pin position changes almost every day so we cannot provide the distance to the pin automatically. However, you can estimate the pin position by dragging the target to its location. The distance will update accordingly.
I received a mail/notification telling that my course is now available, but I still see a message stating that it is not.
Please go to Menu > Courses > Downloads then tap the Update button.
My golf course has changed, but FunGolf GPS still shows the old scorecard/layout.
Please contact our support so we can update the course data.
The length for a hole I know as shown in FunGolf does not seem accurate.
If you are not on the hole, we show the distance from the back tee to the green. But once on the hole, the distance will be computed based on your actual location, with a 3-4 yard accuracy.


What is the accuracy?
FunGolf GPS accuracy match the one of the built-in GPS chip, so expect a 3-4 yard accuracy. (It is usually better than you :-)
Distances are shown in meters. I would like to switch to yards.
Go to Menu > Settings and change the distance unit there.
Can I turn off data and still use FunGolf GPS? I am often playing abroad.
Once your course is downloaded, no internet connection is needed. As FunGolf GPS 3D maps are stored on your device, only the GPS is needed, and it does not require an internet connection.
How much battery is used by FunGolf GPS?
FunGolf has been optimized to limit battery usage. However, the GPS is very power-hungry. For a typical golf round (4:30), expect to spend around 55% of a full charge.
How can I limit battery usage?
Ensure you turn off the screen as soon as you have read the yardage or entered your score. Make sure you keep your device charging until the last minute by using a car charger while driving to the course.


Can I note the score for other players?
FunGolf GPS let you enter the score for up to 4 players per round.
What kind of game rules are supported?
FunGolf GPS supports stroke play and match play. Scoring systems are Gross, To Par and stableford. Handicap strokes are gracefully computed from your index.
What can I enter about my game on the scorecard?
You can enter gross score, number of putts, penalties, fairway hit and bunker hit. Putt length can also be input for computing stats.
My course has been updated, but the scorecard for my yesterday’s round still has the old data?
The updates are for your new rounds only as we don’t want to alter your saved rounds.


What kind of stats can FunGolf GPS provide on my game?
FunGolf GPS has plenty of stats available: fairway hit, score average, simulated handicap index, greens in regulation, putting average, distance of holed putts, short game accuracy…

Shot Tracking

Can FunGolf GPS measure my drive?
FunGolf GPS let you record any shot and compute its distance. Just tap the Record Shot button before hitting the ball, and before hitting your next shot.


I just changed my iPhone. How can I get FunGolf without paying again?
You can re-install FunGolf as long as you have the same iTunes account. Please launch the App Store app, go to the Updates tab, then “Purchased”. Re-install FunGolf for free from here.
Can i use FunGolf on both devices (iPad and iPhone?)
Yes. Create and sign-in with the same FunGolf account so you can sync your saved rounds and stats from those devices.


Why to you need to access my location?
We need your location to find nearby courses and compute the distance to the green and hazards.
Why do you want to send me push notifications?
We send push notifications to tell you when a course you use or the application itself has been updated.

Apple Watch

I installed FunGolf but I can't find the FunGolf icon on my watch.
Make sure you have installed watchOS 4 or later: open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to My Watch > General > Software Update Scroll down to the FunGolf row, and ensure the "Show App on Apple Watch" is checked. You can also activate Show in Glances.
How do I activate FunGolf automatically instead of the watch face so it is quicker on the course?
Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch. Go to General > Wake Screen and choose Resume to Previous ActivityNow launch FunGolf. Next time you'll raise your wrist, FunGolf will be presented instead of the watch face.
I am playing with a golf glove and sometimes the glove touch the Apple Watch side buttons. It quits FunGolf or makes some unwanted screenshots.
You can wear your watch upside down so the digital crown will face your elbow, and not your hand. Go to Settings > General > Orientation and choose Left for the side of the Digital Crown: it will flip the display.

Send us a message using this form. Or by e-mail support@fungolf.com.