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professionally mapped golf courses worldwide

professionally mapped golf courses worldwide

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FunGolf GPS for Apple Watch!

The yardages are right on your wrist, for an unmatched golfing experience.
Get the best of a GPS watch and an iPhone app with FunGolf GPS for Apple Watch!
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Feature highlight maps@2x

Stunning maps in 3D.

Amazing 3D renderings. Complete and precise landscape models are by far the best way to view the course.
Learn more about 3D maps

Feature highlight scorecard@2x

Best scorecards.

Enter the scores with just one finger into a easy-friendly scorecard. Switch between gross/net scoring or stroke/match play.
See all scorecard features

Feature highlight stats@2x

Professional statistics.

Track your progress and improve your skills with comprehensive collections of stats. Just record your strokes and FunGolf will do the rest.
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Feature highlight shots@2x

Easy shot tracking.

Record each shot and get accurate history of drive accuracy, distance and greens in regulation. FunGolf and stats help you improve your game.
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Offline maps.

Download your favorite courses before going abroad and play without paying roaming fees.
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FunGolf GPS for Apple Watch

And your Apple Watch just became the best golf watch.

Completely rewritten for watchOS 4, our latest release will give you an accurate distance in less than a second.

Raise your wrist: FunGolf has already determined the hole you’re on and shows its layout. The distance you need appears. No need to tap a button, you are all set.

Try our new “Smart Target” mode. Because the distance to the green is not especially useful when you hit your drive, FunGolf instead show you a map of the recommended shot. Is that bunker in play?

FunGolf unique vector maps bring increased contrast and improved legibility even in bright sunlight. Starting with FunGolf GPS 5.0, our maps are interactive: use the digital crown to measure the distance to any point. How far away is that river?

Score input has been rethought and let you enter scores for up to 4 players. We have timed how long it takes: it is faster than any competitor, not even mentionning the paper scorecard.

You own an Apple Watch Series 2 or 3 ? FunGolf knows how to use its internal GPS: We will show the distance even if your iPhone is turned off or not in range. You can even start a round and download a course directly from your Apple Watch! (requires an internet connection). Owners of Apple Watch Series 3 will appreciate!

Take your game to the next level and get yourself the best golf watch: FunGolf 5.0 on your Apple Watch.

High-precision 3D models. The best way to view your course.

FunGolf features realistic full-3D maps with actual positions of the greens, fairways, bunkers, and trees. You can see the real slopes, hills, and corners. High-contrast graphics are clearly visible even in bright sunlight. Scroll back and forth, left and right, to explore every little detail of the landscape to make your best swing.

Bullet player position FunGolf keeps track of your position with GPS and suggests a target based on your current lie and clubs. For instance, FunGolf will advise you to play a wedge from a bunker.

Bullet target position When you drag the target indicator, FunGolf displays its distance and automatically suggests which club to use.

Bullet indicator White indicators intelligently display distances to the hole and various hazards. They are updated automatically as you move on the course.

Bullet location After you dragged the position and target indicators, tap the “Location” button to return to fully automatic tracking.

Bullet view In addition to our amazing 3D views, there are also flyover, beautiful 2D maps, satellite views, and the augmented-reality “Course Navigator”: move your phone to see all the tees and the current green. This is very useful in shotgun tournaments.

Full-featured scorecards. Enter scores with just one tap.

Enter scores, putts, and penalties on a full-size scorecard. Optimized for single-hand input, it is extremely easy to enter all your scores.

Rotate the screen for a full view to reveal scoring, statistics, and sharing options.

Bullet scoring@2x Tap the scoring button to switch between Stroke Play, Match Play, Gross, Net and Stableford scoring. FunGolf calculates the scores and the winner, instantly.

Bullet scorecard share@2x Send your scorecards by email and
share on Twitter and Facebook.

Pro-grade statistics.

Enter your scores and FunGolf calculates all the statistics for your game. FunGolf will also show your progress over time.

A dashboard displays the key indicators of your game and lets you navigate through the available statistics.

View your index among the key indicators, calculated as if you were participating in a competition.

FunGolf lets you view your progress, but also those areas that you need to work on. Simply scroll with you fingers through the statistics.

If you use shot by shot monitoring, you can view the average distance you hit with each of your clubs: as a caddy, FunGolf helps you better understand your game.

FunGolf and its various tools help you improve your game.

Pick a club and track your shots.

FunGolf recommends which club to use, depending on the distance of the shot to play, and the lie on which you are.

You can save the position of each of your shots by pressing the record button when hitting the ball.

This will not only help you remember your game, but also to gather statistics for distance traveled with each of your clubs.

Offline maps.

With FunGolf, download all the courses you need. From then on, they are stored in your device. This means that FunGolf is always available immediately, even without an internet connection.

Course updates are done automatically in the background, without disrupting your game.

Good news for travelers: FunGolf works without any connection, so you can disable cellular data abroad, and play with peace of mind.

Iphone offline
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Beautiful simplicity.

We love beautiful products. We designed and worked on each screen to be understandable at a glance.

If you do not enter your score for each hole, you can still access any hole, with just a tap. We carefully position every button so you can use the app easily with just one hand; when you play golf, your other hand is gloved!

Did we forget to tell you we are golfers ourselves?

Sync icon

Sync & Backup.

FunGolf allows you to record the scores and strokes of all your games.

Your scores are stored confidentially on our servers. Automatically. There is nothing to do.

You changed your phone? Log in on the FunGolf app and all your data and games are restored.

No complicated manipulations. Your data is simply always available.

Courses icon

35 025 Courses.

FunGolf has the worlds largest database of courses in 3D!

Our team of golfers maintain our databases up to date, and is at your service to correct errors or add a missing course.

Find your course

Can't find your course? Let us know, and we will map it. Or add it yourself, it only takes a few minutes.

FunGolf GPS is compatible with all 3G/4G devices running iOS 11 or newer.
Apple Watch support requires watchOS 4 or newer.


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